Why Invest In Blue-Chip Artworks
Blue-Chip Artworks Outperform Stock Market
Scientific research and market analysis have shown that "Blue-chip" artworks offer higher returns on investments compared to art investments in general. These works created by the 100 top artists in auction volume have scarcity value, established transaction records, and a global collector base.
The graphs below show that the Artron’s Chinese Modern Master index and Artprice 100 index significantly outperformed the S&P 500 index between 2000 and 2017. The annualized growth rate of Artron’s index reached an astounding 17.85%, and the Artprice 100 index grew at 8.9% rate. These deliver higher returns by 11.4 times and 2.2 times, respectively, versus the S&P 500 index in the same period.
Source: The Artprice100 Index, Art Market Monitor of Artron, Base 100 at 1 January 2000
Fine Art is Uncorrelated Asset Class Ideal for Diversification
The weak correlation to the global equity markets also makes Blue-chip art investment a diversifier of risk. Scarcity value of Blue-chip artwork resembles gold, luxury real estate, classic car, fine wine and other tangible assets. It has a global collector base and is portable to be traded in any country and in any currency.
The graphs below illustrate the correlations of returns matrix by asset classes.
Western Market
If you invested
in Jim Crow in 1990, your investment will be worthy of ${{ eastReturn | currency(2) }}. The CAGR is 514.6%
Source: Artprice <The art market in 2017>. The price of <Jim Crow> by the leading graffiti artist Jean-Michel Basquiat has raising 128 times since 1990s.
Chinese Market
If you invested
in Zhang Daqian’s Viewing the Waterfall in 2004, your investment will be worthy of ${{ chinaReturn | currency(2) }}. The CAGR is 118.6%
Source: ZHANG Daqian | Viewing the Waterfall | Christie's. The painting was sold at $466,858 in April 2004, and was sold again at $8,219,853 in May 2018 by Christie’s HongKong.
It has been auctioned in Christie’s Hongkong in both occasions.
Why ArtWook
Why ArtWook
Professional Team
Scouting Fine Art Asset/Chinese Antiquity with Long Term Appreciation Potential
The Art Acquisition Team The team has more than 15 years of experience in fine art dealing. They have established close relationships with the top auction houses and renowned collectors such as CHRISTIE'S, Sotheby's, Bonhams, WOOLLEY & WALLIS, Sworders, ZHANG Zongxian and the Eskenazi family.
The Technical Team ArtWook’s CTO Alex Qian is among the first group of full stack blockchain developers in China. He has participated and contributed in multiple blockchain projects such as BTS and has rich experience in smart contract coding based on Graphene and EVM platform.
The Revolutionary Way to Invest in Fine Art
Securitize Art Assets Using the Blockchain Technology
Fractionalized Ownership Fractionalized and tokenized art assets are turned into liquid assets that can be traded in ArtWook’s crypto exchange. The barrier of entry of fine art investment is broken and it gives investors a clear exit channel.
Improved Security and Transparency ArtWook’s platform is developed based on the revolutionary blockchain technology. The decentralized ledger ensures all the transactions are recorded and unfalsifiable. All the artworks/antiquities sold on our platform will use Bidpoc’s blockchain based registry and provenance service once it is ready.