Notice Regarding ARTWOOK(AKC) Smart Contract Upgrading
May 15, 2019

Dear Customers:


To improve the smart contract functionality of AKC token, the development team is going to upgrade the AKC token contract. ARTWOOK platform will temporarily disable the transfer of AKC token starting on 2019/05/22 at G.M.T. 8:00. During the upgrade, users will not be able to transfer AKC token. Once the upgrade is complete and fully tested, ARTWOOK will publish the upgrade notice. The new address of the smart contract will be announced, and the old address will be disabled. Please stay tuned.


To ensure the execution of smart contract after the upgrade, please be aware:


Current holders of AKC tokens will receive the same amount of new AKC tokens as they currently possess after the upgrade automatically. After the upgrade, all the transactions on the ARTWOOK platform will only accept the new AKC tokens. If you encounter any issue with the AKC token after the upgrade, please contact customer service immediately. (E-mail:, WeChat: jiuchain)


Thank you for your support!



2019. 5. 15