Art shared ownership trading platform based on blockchain technology
ARTWOOK integrates blockchain technology into traditional art markets, establishing an investment and trading platform based on the concept of a shared economy
The ARTWOOK art acquisition team has rich experience, resources and contacts in the art market. They will shortlist art works according to historical prices, market environment, liquidity and other relevant aspects to evaluate the potential for appreciation.

Once a quality and credible piece is shortlisted,the ARTWOOK team would discuss a second transaction with top auction houses to set a future date of auction for the lots (second transaction). e future auction base price would be higher than the earlier bidding price in the private sales, and the price difference would be the estimated returns to investment.

All artworks listed on the ARTWOOK platform would be from globally known art dealers, museums, galleries and auction houses.
About ArtWook
Property division
By blocking the property rights of the subject matter of the art through blockchain technology, the investor has the corresponding property rights of the subject matter
Transparent transaction history
The corresponding property rights of the subject matter of the art can be freely traded at any time. Each transaction will be recorded through the blockchain, which is open, transparent and cannot be tampered with.
Cooperation with t world-renowned auction houses
ARTWOOK partner with world-renowned auction houses such as Christie’s and Sotheby’s to list the piece sold in the initial transaction in their quarterly auctions. The starting price of the auction (secondary transaction) gives investors an expected return on their investment.
ARTWOOK’s trading process
Schematic diagram of income model